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Projects and topics at Bosch (since June 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Apr 2004 - May 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Jan 2001 - Mar 2004)
Projects at Univ. of Kaiserslautern (Jan 1996 - Dec 2000)
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Jan 2015


Director of the Bosch strategic project program on IoT (Internet of Things).

Feb 2013-
May 2014


Helped to organize the 5th Bosch Conference on Systems and Software Engineering (BoCSE 2014), a 4-day international event with about 650 participants held in Forum Ludwigsburg, May 2014. The conference comprised 48 scientific paper presentations in 4 parallel tracks and 20 half-day tutorials. Member of the organization committee, member of the program committee, responsible for the final conference program.

Jan 2013


Project director for a Bosch-wide project on "Big Data and Data Mining Services".

Oct 2012-
Dec 2012


Interim project manager for a Bosch-wide project on "Big Data and Data Mining Services".

Jan 2012-
Mar 2013


Helped to create and lead a european consortium to apply for a publicly funded research project "FIONA — Framework for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Assistance". Successful acquisition of the project with funding from July 2013 - July 2016 from the ITEA2 program.
Consortium partners: Concatel S.L. (Spain), Comland d.o.o. (Slovenia), Fraunhofer (Germany), GiTy (Czech Republic), Havelsan (Turkey), Infineon (Germany), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Proficomms (Czech Republic), Ulm University of Applied Science (Germany).

Jan 2012-
Mar 2013


Creator and leader of a national consortium to apply for a publicly funded research project "iserveU — Intelligent Modular Service Robotics Functionality". Successful acquisition of the project with funding from March 2013 - February 2016 from the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
Consortium partners: University of Ulm, Katharinen Hospital Stuttgart, REC GmbH, RWTH University of Aachen, Technical University of Clausthal, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Jan 2012-
Sep 2012


Positioning Data Mining and handling of Big Data as central strategic topics at Bosch Research. Coordinating possible use cases with different Bosch business units, organizing workshops, preparing a Bosch-wide TOP project proposal and sheparding the proposal through the approval process.

Dec 2010-
Nov 2011


Overall project manager and Program Chair for the 4th international Bosch Conference on Systems and Software Engineering (BoCSE) November 2011 (4 days, 7 invited keynotes, 20 half-day tutorials, over 50 technical presentations in 4 parallel tracks, 600 international participants).

Apr 2010-
Jan 2011


Preparation and successful closure of a Joint Development Agreement between RB Corporate Research and the company of Aethon, Inc. about the co-development of technologies for transport robots in hospitals; establishment and coordination of an office for business development for Bosch robotics technologies.

Jan 2010-
Dec 2010


Positioning of ultrasonic array technology for cost-efficient environment sensing in robotics applications; coordination of the (external) development of prototype hardware; business development and establishment of internal and external partner relationships.

Jan 2010-
Apr 2010


Support of RB Venture Capital at selecting innovative, promising startups in the domain of service robotics; led to the successful investment in the company of Aethon, Inc., Pittsburgh, USA, a producer of transport robots and supplier of hospital logistics solutions.

Sep 2009-
Dec 2012


Member of the ECHORD Advisory Board; Consulting for the project "European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development" founded by the European Union in the 7th framework program.

Aug 2008-
Oct 2009


Establishing the research area for service robotics in Bosch's research section for software-intensive systems. Special focus on person following and guiding, as well as intelligent maneuvering in human environments. Positioning of internal and publicly founded projects.

Jan 2008-
Dec 2012


Founder and head of research group AEY2 (Advance Engineering for Systems, Group 2: Cognitive Systems). Current research topics are: environment detection, data fusion, situation-aware systems, machine learning, intelligent software, and software architectures for autonomous systems.

Jan 2008-
Dec 2012


Responsible for the competence development of the department members (about 45 employees); competence analysis and target definition.

Apr 2007-
Mar 2008


Helping to shape Bosch's overall research strategy in the field of information processing. In April 2007, Bosch started out to frame a total of five major company-wide research areas, "information processing systems" being one of these. In a team of eight, we work on defining the research strategy and identifying strategic research areas.

Sep 2006-
Dec 2007


Member of the Software Process Improvement (SPI) project. Establishment of a configuration management (CM) discipline in research projects, helping to reach a CMMI level 2 certification of our projects. Preparation of a division-wide CM handbook and continuous coaching of project managers.

Oct 2006-
Mar 2007


Helped to organize the 3rd Bosch Conference on Systems and Software Engineering (BoCSE 2007), a 3 day international event with about 500 participants held in Forum Ludwigsburg, March 2007. The conference comprised 40 scientific paper presentations in 3 parallel tracks and 12 half-day tutorials. Member of the organization committee, member of the program committee, responsible for the final conference program.

Oct 2006-
Mar 2007


Represented Bosch during the preparation of the first national IT summit of the German government at the BMBF (ministry of education and research). Helped to shape the "IT strategy for the information society" (PDF) presented at the summit in November 2006.

Jun 2006-
Dec 2007


Head of division's IT team. The IT team manages both the division's PC-based desktop environment (roughly 400 PCs for 160 employees) and the UNIX-based server environment (Sun Solaris). Tasks include PC setup and configuration, electronic software distribution and management, user management and access control management to central file servers, inventory management, and server administration.

Jun 2006-
Dec 2007


Head of research group AEY3 (Advance Engineering for Systems, Group 3: Software Engineering and Development Environments). Research topics included: autonomous systems, intelligent software, model-driven software development, and Eclipse-based development environments.

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