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Projects for Bosch (since June 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Apr 2004 - May 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Jan 2001 - Mar 2004)
Projects at Univ. of Kaiserslautern (Jan 1996 - Dec 2000)
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Jan 2005-
May 2006


Project manager and lead architect for the product "OpenView Application Management Profiles" (AMPs), a solution for automating the installation, configuration, migration and patching of complex server applications; development of an XML-based configuration language and the corresponding workflow engine; architecture design, language definition, prototype development; extension to support sophisticated configuration file management.
Technologies: XML, XSD, OpenView Radia, Tcl

Jun 2005-
Sep 2005


Lead architect for the migration of the Radia communications infrastructure from client-initiated to server-initiated connections; architecture design, protocol design, and development of a secure Reverse Proxy solution including a private Certification Authority.
Technologies: Java, SSL, Radia

Apr 2005-
Jul 2005


Development of a technique to correctly sequence low-level hardware configuration tasks (BIOS updates, RAID configurations, drive partitioning etc.) in the Desired State management environment of the product "OpenView Radia OS Manager"; patent pending.

Aug 2004-
May 2006


Architect in HP's core team for developing architectures and solutions for "Managing the Adaptive Enterprise"; design of model-driven and service-oriented architectures (MDA/SOA) for distributed management systems; technology evaluation and selection, prototype development, management of the cooperation with HP Labs;
Technologies: MDA, SOA, UML, SDL, CIM, MOF, RDF, WSDL, IUDD, Java

May 2004-
Mar 2005


Lead architect for the HP OV Radia OS Manager for Unix projects (targeting HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Linux). Architecture design and prototyping for HP's automated OS provisioning solutions, including database design, HP Ignite integration, Ignite config parsing and publishing, Sun Jumpstart integration, Linux Kickstart integration, directory (ldap) and Radia Management Portal (RMP) integration.
Related technologies: Radia, Ignite, Jumpstart, Kickstart, Tcl, LDAP/DSML, C, lex/yacc, SDL.

Apr 2004-
Jun 2004


Architecture and data model design for OS provisioning in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment.
Related technologies: Radia, LDAP, Tcl, HP-UX, Symmetrix.


Jan 2004-
Mar 2004


Lead architect for a software management and server provisioning project at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden. Consulting in project organization, setup, and management. Environment analysis, requirements specification, and architecture design.
Related technologies: Radia.

Jan 2003-
Dec 2003


Project manager for a software management project at Altana Pharma in Konstanz, Germany. Architecture design and implementation of a global software distribution solution for the Altana Pharma Holding.
Related technologies: W2k, AD, Radia.

Jul 2002-
Dec 2002


Lead for pre-sales actibities and project acquisition at Atlana Pharma, Konstanz, Germany. Environment analysis, software package analysis, technical consulting, development of migration concepts and architecture designs.
Related technologies: Radia.

Dec 2001-
Sep 2002


Project manager for a sub-project at T-Systems for Deutsche Post in Darmstadt, Germany. Integration of a Novadigm Radia software management solution with the Active Directory structure and the asset management system at Deutsche Post. Architecture design and implementation.
Related technologies: Radia, ValueWeb, Oracle, AD, LDAP, Java.

Oct 2001-
Sep 2002


Project manager for a software management project at Siemens Medical in Erlangen, Germany. Detailed requirements analysis in the area of software management for medical equipment and medical solutions, including remote access, asset management, electronic software distribution, and automated software repair. Tool selection, process consulting, prototype implementation.
Related technologies: Radia.

Feb 2001-
Dec 2001


Lead architect for a configuration management project at HP Managed Services (formerly HP Outsourcing) in Böblingen, Germany. Design and implementation of a system for managing and distributing HP OpenView Operations (OVO) template configurations. Technology and tool evaluation, architecture design, and implementation. The project won the Novadigm Award of Excellence in Innovation at the Novadigm Conference in Oct. 2001!
Related technologies: HP OVO, Radia, Java, Tcl, HTML, TSPs.

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