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Best Ph.D. Thesis in Software Engineering

In September 2001 I received the award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis in Software Engineering from the Ernst-Denert-Stiftung in conjunction with the 'Gesellschaft für Informatik' (GI) and the 'Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft'.

This thesis presents a new software technology allowing for a strongly tool-supported development of tailored run-time platforms (small embedded operating systems). It addresses in particular the question of how to control the platform development process by application requirements. The proposed generative approach is based on the concept of reusable generic software components, the use of generator techniques to customize these components, and the Design Space technique to semi-formally capture favorable design choices.

Best PhD Thesis

Award of Excellence in Innovation

In October 2001, my project team and I received the Novadigm Award of Excellence in Innovation for our COMIC (COnfiguration and Management InfrastruCture) project.

The central idea behind the implemented solution had been to use the object-oriented database of Radia to store HP OVO template configurations in the form of interrelated objects. This allows to efficiently define and store specializations of these configurations without the need to maintain hundreds of flat file copies (as it is the case with a normal HP OVO system). The implemented system consistently handles standard configurations and node- or customer-specific specializations, allowing to easily keep track of configurations and configuration changes.

Novadigm Award

Certified Radia Engineer

In January 2002 I was one of the first 4 engineers world-wide to get the official Novadigm certification for their software management system Radia. By the way: have a look at my native Java API to Radia!

Radia Certification
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