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Projects for Bosch (since June 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Apr 2004 - May 2006)
Projects for Hewlett-Packard (Jan 2001 - Mar 2004)
Projects at Univ. of Kaiserslautern (Jan 1996 - Dec 2000)
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Uni Kaiserslautern



Supervision of the design and implementation of two generic operating system kernels for embedded systems addressing multi-threading, ITC, synchronization, and memory management.



Refinement and application of the Design Space technique for a tool-supported, partially automated configuration of operating systems. Cooperation in the design of a Design Space tool, implementation of a visualization package for the Design Space tool. (Java, Swing)



Development of the concept of generic components, research in appropriate generator techniques, development of a Java-based meta-programming technique for C++ including the appropriate generators.



Architecture design of a scalable distributed control system for building automation (climate control, lighting control, access control etc.). Implementation of the distributed infrastructure including a location-transparent event system. (Java)



Design and implementation of the SFB's Web appearance; some help on the administration of the server. Design and implementation of our group's web pages. (HTML, Javascript)



Re-design and re-implementation of the Bundesliga Polls, an online game for the two german soccer leagues. (Perl, shell scripts)



Implementation of a distributed hypertext-based dictionary tool for domain dictionaries; to be used during software development within a product-line. (Java, Swing, JDBC, MS Access)



Design and development of a Web-based error reporting and time monitoring system for software development activities. (HTML, ASP, SQL-Server)



Design of a distributed train control system in SDL. Porting of the generated code to the QNX operating system and complementing the code to control a Märklin model train by 4 QNX PCs. (SDL, C).



Architecture re-design of the Web-based distributed development environment Booster. Supervision of the Java-based re-implementation.



Design of a secure, efficient, and scalable off-line electronic payment system capable of micro-payments. Implementation and integration into the Web-based distributed development environment Booster. (C++).

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