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New York City

I was made an offer I couldn't reject: joining the architects team of HP's Change and Configuration Software Organization. It actually wasn't my plan to begin with, but they just kept dragging... No doubt an exciting and challenging new job, right at the center of HP's single largest strategic effort in the software business. And above all: I would be based in Mahwah, New Jersey, just 30 minutes to the north east from New York City! Well, and as all the subtle organizational and financial constraints were pretty much met to my satisfaction, there was no way to say 'no': this is one of these lifetime opportunities you either take or will never take!

So end of March 2004, I made the big jump and relocated over to "the city that never sleeps". Ok, that's not precisely correct, as a I live a little bit up north-east in the nicer green surroundings, but a 30 minute drive down to Manhattan is short enough to frequently enjoy the fascinating metropolitan flair of one of the craziest cities in the world!

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