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Q: What's new? (17-Jun-2012)

A: Few updates to my professional profile (some are still pending) and to the publications section. Few minor updates here and there.

Q: When I want to look at your pictures or download your papers or software, I get a connection error. Why?

A: Due to space constraints, I host most of the larger files (namely pictures, videos, papers, software...) on a private server. Currently (as of June 2012) the DNS mapping for moab.ath.cx is not set. I'm planning on fixing this issue at some time in the future, but for now it isn't my top priority. If you need something urgently, drop me an email.

Q: What tools did you use to create this site?

A: You won't believe it: just a simple text editor (besides the graphics program, of course). I guess, I'm somehow old-fashioned in this respect, but with all these GUI tools I almost never get the page to look like I want it to (yes, I'm very picky ;-) and at the same time get clean HTML code and efficient pages with respect to the amount of image data.

Q: What's this strange site name "gensch-net" about?

A: Well, that's a long story and something like an insider's code between my friends and me. In short: we use the term "gensch" as a synonym for great, good, perfect, and so on... :-)

Q: How can you possibly have time for this web site?

A: Good question; I sometimes wonder myself :-) It really is a lot of work, and especially the last re-design took many long nights during a period of about 3 months. I guess, I'm just a little bit crazy... and of course, I've a secret weapon that allows me to work extremely efficient: I use a computer system that just simply works (I know, that's a radically new concept to the IT world :-)

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