[publications] Clock4X (a.k.a. ClockWerkz)
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Inspired by the brilliant JS Time for the Windows platform, I thought the Mac community might also like a small and decent analog desktop clock. It's almost completely transparent, both for the eye and for mouse clicks. All you'll need to see are the tick marks and the handles -- which will always stay on top of any other window. Colors and clock size can be configured freely.

ClockWerkz Screenshot  

My little clock app started in 2002 as a Java-for-Cocoa application, saw some revisions over time, and got completely re-written in Objective-C in 2009. Now enjoy the latest version making use of Core Animation, running on OSX 10.5 and above (successfully tested on Snow Leopard, as well!). Try it out -- it's freeware!


Comments, suggestions, feature requests and so on are welcome!

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